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So you want to be an Anaesthetist?

Mersey Anaesthesia Careers Day

31st October 2022

This one day event is aimed at Foundation Trainees, Junior Clinical Fellows and Medical Students who are contemplating a career in Anaesthesia or simply interested in finding out more about the specialty. 

The day will consist of a series of seminars covering a wide variety of topics relevant to a career in Anaesthesia. There will be hands-on workshop sessions covering key practical techniques commonly performed by the modern Anaesthetist. 

There will also be Q&A sessions with the Faculty of Consultants, SAS Doctors & Anaesthetic Trainees available to tackle any questions you may have. 

We hope to demonstrate how interesting, varied and fulfilling a career in Anaesthesia can be and just how much more there is to being an Anaesthetist than putting people to sleep!

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